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What You Said
In 2023....

We have loved the PlayFest being in town such magic for the children.

We loved the playfest at the castle and in the park! Great to see such a big turn out!

We are enjoying having the play fest to come to with our family. So nice for the children to have new things and creative things to do.

Soooo amazing!


Beautiful setting, great range of family-friendly activities and refreshments.


Very good, nice instruments. Pretty place.

John Nichol-Hot Trod Theatre

Wandering Willie’s Tale was utterly spellbeing

Wandering Willie’s Tale-First class acting and great fiddler! 

An amazing tale and the tale telling was incredible. Love it!

Everything-set, music, acting, 5 star

The room was well decorated. I felt at home as soon as the story started. What a show. High Quality.

Will Derries Production Company

What an incredible space! Music and Theatre!


Excellent week!


Magical Wonderful - true sense of community- all involved were excellent. Performers-Duns Play Fest team. Superb!

IMG_4770 (1).JPG

Northumberland Theatre Company

Moving and captivating stories from word weavers and an interesting new take on Frankenstein. In years to come expectations will no doubt be mounted so make a film. Very nice atmosphere at this Play Fest. 


Wonderful! The family day at Duns Castle was magical and really sparked imaginations. Brilliant gigs. Thank you.


Absolutely beautiful, family friendly festival. Duns Volly Hall was turned into a gorgeous, seductive little cave-we saw wonderful acts. Bravo!

Finding Mary - Fantastic acting, wonderful play. Incredibly moving. It resonated with the human spirit, the call for adventure and re-birth, yet the fears of being outside your comfort zone.


Great to have so much choice.


Informative, fun, everyone is very welcoming.

photo by Yid Whellans

You’re doing a fabulous job.


It was perfect!


The events were magical.


Wonderful music and great audience.


Big crowds in the afternoons-why not charge?


Great atmospheres and performances.

photo by David Williamson        


The Good, the Bad and the Poultry- Loved the characterisation of the chickens.


Sunday evening-It was very friendly and I met some interesting people. I loved the atmosphere and the performances were excellent. Well worth travelling for.


I liked that the programme was varied. I came for the dance and music.

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