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Sunday 28 April 


12pm               Writers’ Workshop: Kevin Purvis

12-4pm            Family Outdoor Activity Day at Duns Castle FREE

2pm                 Music: The Green Fingered Dons 

3pm                 Music: Two from the Fridge - Tom and Craig Anderson

4pm                 Dance: L J Dance

4.45pm            Dance: La Vanya - Liz Hay and Frazer Watson   

5.15pm            Multi Media: Down The Rabbit Hole - Safer by Sound

6.15pm            Play: Can I Be A Butterfly - Clare's Many Threads        

7pm                 Music: Suzi Swing and Al James

7.30pm            Dance: Fields (Extract) - Merav Israel and Claire Pençak  

8.45pm            Music:  Musical Dance Stories - Rory McLeod

Fiddler in tree.jpg


Family Day at Duns Castle


A wonderful selection of children's entertainers and workshop leaders to entertain and amaze.

With stilt walkers and artists from Rowanbank Environmental Arts, drama workshops and performances from Borders Youth Theatre, circus workshops from Spinning Jennys Circus Skills, storytellers, and even a traditional Flea Circus from Hop Scotch!

Bring the family and enjoy the wonderful grounds of Duns Castle. A lovely day out in a BEAUTIFUL PLACE!  


12-4pm The Little Theatre Workshop

12-4pm Spinning Jennys Circus Skills Workshops

12pm and 2pm Drama Workshops led by BYT  

12pm, 2pm, and 3.30pm Rowanbank Artists

12.30pm and 2.30pm Flea CIrcus

1pm and 3pm Pigs, Pimples and Public School For Poor People

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12-2pm Writers Workshop
Kevin Purvis

Stage and Radio script; a whirlwind overview from conception to completion.

2pm  Cabaret Stage
The Green Fingered Dons


Playing psycheddelic skiffle around the gala water, the Green FIngered Dons write and play songs like Just past Selkirk and Joob Joob in a below lo-fi manner.


Observing localisms, the Dons utilise what they know, what they think they know, and what they think they have forgotten.


Expect tape recordings, machines, guitars, delays, and harmonica. The three piece weighs in at 188 years between them. Catch them while you can!  

3pm Cabaret Stage 

Two From The Fridge 




Tom and Craig have been delivering their twist on Blues music since the late 80's. Whether it's classics or their self-penned songs, they always impress!

4pm Main Stage - LJ Dance


LJ Dance is excited to join DunsPlayFest to perform a variety of styles of dance, which includes something for everyone; Ballet, Modern, Tap, Contemporary, and Jazz & Acro to name but a few.

LJ Dance is a local school situated in Duns for the last 10 years. The school is held at their  Putton Mill studio and offers classes from age 3 to Adults, in a range of styles. 

You can find out more on their social media pages Facebook: LJ Dance Academy - Duns or Instagram ljd

4.45pm Cabaret Stage

La Vanya
Liz Hay and Frazer Watson


La Vanya from Movement Art brings some Middle Eastern Dance to Duns

Frazer Watson, drummer and percussionist specialises in Middle Eastern and Eastern European rhythms


5.15pm Main Stage

Down the Rabbit Hole

by Safer By Sound


Down The Rabbit Hole explores the implications of living with Epilepsy.


Down The Rabbit Hole will enable people to become aware of the on-going battles that surround the mental health and behavours of people living with this condition.

6.15pm Main Stage

Can I be a Butterfly?

by Clare's Many Threads

Can I be a butterfly - Copy.JPG

Can I be a butterfly? is a semi-autobiographical, part imagined, solo play about Chronic Fatigue and its possible message to a fast world.

Using movement, poetry, sound, song, and text, the performer weaves her own story around the fairytale of Briar Rose, accompanied by the voices of others who have experienced ME and Chronic Fatigue.


Clare’s Many Threads is the Artist name of Clare Watson. She is an interdisciplinary practitioner living in the Borders, who works with theatre practice, walking, creative writing, textiles, and song. 

Suzi and Al.jpeg

5.45 and 7pm Cabaret Stage

Suzi Swing & Al James


Brilliantly inspired by jazz greats such as Louis Armstrong, Django Rheinhart, Billie Holliday, and latter-day swing officianado - Leon Redbone, Al James's rich oak timbred voice and unique guitar stylings swirl harmoniously with Sue Bremner's smooth and sassy vocals to offer up a delicious blend of self-penned airs, well known classics, and light of heart pop gems.

7.30pm Main Stage
Fields (Extract)
Merav Israel and 
Claire Pençak

Fields (Extract) is new work made for these times of world environmental crisis.




Playful and poetic, Fields (Extract) is a compelling performance that draws the audience into a textured landscape of stone; where patterns of dwelling are made and unmade, shaped by land, by time and human hands.


The episodic narrative, offers snapshots of lives lived out amidst stony ground where duration expands to take in the enduring labour of ages past, present, and perhaps yet to come.


Layered with detail and played out to an intermittent sound score of live and recorded sound, images emerge of agricultural labouring, the toil of turning stony ground and defending territories.


And finally at the end of the day, the scraping of boots and a laying down to rest on pillows of stone.


Fields (Extract) is performed by dance makers Merav Israel and Claire Pençak who have been dancing together for 15 + years and share a practice around scored performance.


The sound score is by Nik Paget-Tomlinson with Jem Le Lievre.

8.45pm Main Stage


Rory McLeod 


Rhythmic storyteller and multi-instrumentalist, singing songs that are  percussive, bold, lyrical, and deeply personal.


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