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Thursday 2 May 


12pm              Writers' workshop: In Your Own Words Tom Murray

2.30pm           Film: Light In The Lens - Jane Houston Green

3.30pm           Film: Steeplechase - Jonathan Findlay

5pm                Play: Sammy Blew Up A Toilet - The Crunch Collective

6:15pm           Radio Plays: Ear Candy - Borders Youth Theatre

7pm                Music: The Doc

7.30pm           Play: Hysterical - The Koi Collective

8.45pm           Open Mic

9:30pm           Plays: Borderlands - '66' and Uncertain Borders 

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10.30am Cadet Hall, Duns

 Sound Bath With PollyAnna

Come and enjoy a delicious sound bath with PollyAnna from Women Rewilding.


Wear comfortable clothing and please bring a mat, blankets and a pillow.

Immerse yourself in the soothing sounds of crystal bowls, tibetan bowls, drum and voice.  

12-2pm Cadet Hall 
In Your Own Words


Come along and join Tom Murray in this combo workshop that explores writing poetry, alongside performance techniques to best showcase your writing in front of an audience.  


Suitable for all levels of experience.

2.30pm Main Stage

      Light in The Lens


free fall.jpg


A Film Retrospective created by Jane Houston Green

Jane is a professional actor and while performing and writing theatre plays, she also makes experimental film where she writes scripts and records voice overs.

Since 2016 she has made numerous films many of which have been shown at festivals and had screenings at various exhibitions both in the UK – London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle and abroad in Amsterdam, Germany and Toronto. For this selection of nine films the footage has been gathered from many places … Antigua, Australia, Crete, Gran Canaria, Italy, Tobago as well as closer to home. She has been nominated and won awards for her work. Whenever and wherever she travels there is a camera in her hand and behind the scenes is a husband who waits patiently while she wanders off into her own creative world!

Programme: 50 minutes

3.30pm Main Stage



Ice has melted. Seas have risen. Time is ticking. Hope is fading. This hard-hitting, short film, written, narrated and produced by Jonathan Findlay, uses powerful imagery and masterful wordplay to immerse you in a swirling, apocalyptic seascape that will see you reaching for your water wings and wishing we had more time to avert climatic catastrophe.

IMAGE !!.png

Running TIme              17mins       FREE

5pm Main Stage
When Sammy Blew Up A Toilet
The Crunch Collective

A partly autobiographical play capturing the early years of school. It delves into the dynamics of dysfunctional trio—Azza, Jake, and Sammy—whose friendship turns sour, leading Azza to devise a devious plan to exploit Sammy's weaknesses.


Borders Youth Theatre proudly presents 'EAR CANDY' - three brand new audio drama experiences devised and performed by Borders Youth Theatre Creative Writing / Radio Play Group. Directed by Oli Bisset. 

Bug’s Life – A documentary exploring the everyday lives of insects. (performed by Lewis, Caspar, and Dougal)

Jeff the Teenage Alien – A sitcom about a teenage alien’s experiences of earth. (performed by Harry and Julianna)

Murder Mystery Island - An Island of mystery and murder. (performed by Ieuan and Rosa)

Cabaret Stage
Ear Candy
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IMG_4700 (1).JPG
        7pm Cabaret Stage
       The Doc     FREE
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Catherine was burned. Mercy was left. Augustine was used. Celia

was unsatisfied. Anne was quiet.

In a small hall, five clinically “mad” women meet to perform a
play for a seemingly “sane” audience. But is it a play? Or is it a
warning? Worse still- is it an intervention? Hysterical is a free fall
through a categorically inaccurate history of mad women. They
just need to make sure they remember their lines and don’t tear
each other’s hair out, and we’ll all be fine. Based on real women in
real times, this host of hysterical harpies kick, scream, and waltz
their way into the modern day. But has much changed? Or are the
structures that held them back still in place?

7.30pm Main Stage
Hysterical by The Koi Collective

8.45pm Cabaret Stage

   Open Mic      FREE


Main Stage

Borderlands Continued

Two plays written by local artists 


By Kevin Purvis

1966. Charles, (a closeted homosexual), rents a bed-sitting room in an East London house run by Mrs Cooper, an elderly prostitute.

One evening Charles returns home to find that his room has been ransacked, leading to a chain of events involving his openly homosexual upstairs neighbour.


Discussions on physical violence and suicide, plus views on homosexuality in 1966. Features strong language, and language and attitudes from the time period.

Suggested viewing age 16+.

Running Time 20 minutes

Uncertain Borders 

By Craig Knight

Welcome! Your seat to Uncertain Borders  is confirmed. A lecture that highlights that most mysterious, paradoxical, but inevitable trip that awaits everybody. Together, we will delve into the science of the paranormal, testing the religious beliefs and superstitions that have shaped this world, the one to come, and the unsettling boundary we must cross between the two . What really does happen on that journey? Come and find out. Learn things you may not want to know.


Dark, with luck, very dark humour. A deliberately iconoclastic piece. The blatant dissection of – what, to some, may be strong - religious beliefs. The undermining of accepted tropes with a, hopefully, sleep-disturbing conversation, delivered by an increasingly sinister figure.

Frankly, better as an evening production.

Run time 20/25 minutes.

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