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Wednesday 1 May 


12-2pm           Workshop: Andrew Deuchar 

1pm                Music: Berwickshire High School

2.30pm           Plays: Berwickshire High School

4:30pm           Readings: People and Places - Word Weavers

5.30pm           Music: Scottish Blend

6pm                Play: Babe Alien - Mon Espoir

7:00pm           Music: Scottish Blend

7.30pm           Play: The Monk of St Anthony - Duns Players

8.30pm           Music: Kings Fall

9.00pm           Poem: Moscow Station - Dougal Lee

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12-2pm Workshop: Cadet Hall, Duns

What Next For Writers

Andrew Deuchar

Andrew, Director of Berwick Literary Festival will be talking about opportunities for Writers and Berwick Literary Festival                          FREE

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Community Lunch

 A Heart For Duns


Join us for lunch followed by some entertainment by

Berwickshire High School.


Come for 12.45pm and join us for our entertainment for as long as you like! 

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People and Places

Word Weavers

 Wednesday 1 May


Main Stage



Duns based creative writing group, Word Weavers, is back with another eclectic mix of short poems, monologues, playlets, and stories.  The group has performed their writing at every DunsPlayFest, and their themed collections try to include something for everyone.  This year’s ‘People and Places’ is no exception with tales of adventures in exotic locations, poems and prose about local places and characters, and thought-provoking drama, written and performed to make you laugh, or feel sad, but most of all to make you aware of the diversity of human experience.


Contributors: Dorothy Dickinson, L S Gray, Denise McNulty, Carolyn Poulter, and Yvonne Skinner

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5.30pm and 7pm

Cabaret Stage

Scottish Blend



Scottish Blend amalgamates the timbres of piano (Harris Playfair), saxophone (Sam Lord), and Indian harmonium (Heather Cattanach) to create an unusual sound palate for arrangements of jazz standards, as well as new compositions. 

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6pm Main Stage

Mon Espoir presents  


By Lukca Best


Why does that whale live in a casino in Las Vegas? Well, Babe didn't become an Alien to sit around and not find out.

Lazy Punks and a commune. Apathy and Activism...

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7.30pm Main Stage

 The Monk of St Anthony

   A Wilson's Tale 

Adapted by Robert Sproul Cran

A riotous romp of mistaken identity and comeuppance, as a pub landlord in a borrowed habit is hounded through the streets of Edinburgh, both by Catholics kidnapping him for religious duties and a Protestant mob baying for his blood. How will he get back to the Ship Inn? And how will the real monk get home without any trousers?

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8.30pm Cabaret Stage   

Kings Fall 


Kings Fall are what happens when a songwriter sets out to study the pieces that inform his musical tastes and styles.

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            9pm  Main Stage
        Moscow Stations
Performed By Dougal Lee


MOSCOW STATIONS is a prose poem, written in Brezhnev-era USSR. It is, by turns, a memoir; a philosophical enquiry; an odyssey to an unremarkable Ithaca; a futile search for an unattainable Elysium; a satirical, elusive interrogation of the ways in which Russia has been failed by its leaders; and a dangerous recipe book of don’t-drink-this-at-home cocktails. It has been described as “the comic highwater mark of the Brezhnev era”. Unfortunately, it would seem its relevance has not diminished.

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