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Writing Workshop |
10am - 1pm

The first part of a day long participatory 

programme on theatre-making in three parts.


A writing workshop with the theme of a 

woman walking, comprising writing exercises 

and opportunities to write in pairs or alone.  


Tickets £10 

Book early maximum of 20 people

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Masterclass | 2 - 4pm

The second part of the participatory 

programme is an open demonstration of 

working on a play in a developmental way with writer director Muriel Romanes and actors. 


Tickets £10 

Woman Walking | 5pm

Written by Sylvia Dow 


Part 3 is a performed reading by 2 

professional actors of this beautiful new play 

by Sylvia Dow inspired by Nan Shepherd.


Directed by Muriel Romanes. 


An Evening Pass Event (free to workshop and masterclass ticket holders) 

Rebel Cello | 7.30pm

Jules Horne 


Writer and musician Jules Horne presents a lively celebration of new Border Scots 

spoken word and film with live looping.


With thanks to Creative Scotland and 

Alchemy Film & Arts.


Run time 45 mins Evening Pass Event 

Photo: Sarah Jamieson, Pictorial Photography  

Where Has Joshua Goneshort readm.jpg
Where Has Joshua Gone? | 9.30pm

Written by Jane Houston Green 


This is the sequel to Where has our Adventure Gone? performed online at DunsPlayFest 2021. 


The couple are thrilled to have achieved their vacation 

ambition. What could possibly go wrong? 

Run time 45 mins Evening Pass Event