Walking and Writing |
11am - 1.30pm

This workshop responds to place and how to 

take inspiration and groundedness from your 

surroundings in your writing. 


Writers are invited to take a journey through 

Duns town and respond to its spaces, leaving 

the workshop with a piece of writing 

embedded in its geography. 


This workshop will take place indoors and outdoors - please let us know of any access 



Tickets £10 

Berwickshire High School

A devised play by the S3 drama class of 

Berwickshire High School. 

An exciting murder mystery from the students. 

Run time 30 mins   FREE 

Snapshot | 3pm - 5.30pm

Two leading playwrights talk about a 

particular play from concept to production. 


Facilitated by Playwright's Studio Scotland's 

Creative Director, Louise Stephens. 


Tickets £10 

word weavers womens voicesshortreadme.png
Word Weavers | 6pm

A collection of short plays and monologues 

from Word Weavers Writing Group.  


Run time 60 mins Evening Pass Event 

The Freebooter of Coldstream | 7.30pm

Sponsored by The Wilson’s Tales Project and 

adapted for stage and produced by Anita John. 

Two lords, one lady, one freebooter, each tryingto secure their own safety and status, at a timewhen pillage and plunder rules the reiving 


Run time 40mins Evening Pass Event

For the Greater Good |

Written by Tom Murray 


A world-renowned doctor who believes in the 

greater good. 


A detective, in pursuit of a killer, whose 

daughter has a rare illness and only the doctor can save her. What is she prepared to do to save her daughter? 


Run time 40 mins      Evening Pass Event