Duns Primary School |

Short plays written and performed by pupils 

from Duns Primary School.  


The result of working with playwright Tom 

Murray over a series of workshops with Duns as the central theme. The plays will be 

performed at A Heart for Duns Community 

Lunch. Lunch from 11.45pm. 


Run time 60 mins       FREE  

Talking about Scotland |

A lively panel discussion with guests sharing 

their specialist area of knowledge on Scotland. 


Run Time 60mins      FREE 

For the Greater Good |

Written by Tom Murray 


A world-renowned doctor who believes in the 

greater good. 


A detective, in pursuit of a killer, whose 

daughter has a rare illness and only the doctor can save her. What is she prepared to do to save her daughter? 


Run time 40 mins      Evening Pass Event

Be still a Man |
9:00 pm

Written by Michael Fenty 


The scenes in this rehearsed reading are from a work in progress about David Hume an eighteenth-century Scottish Enlightenment philosopher, who spent his earlier years at Ninewells near Chirnside, Berwickshire, and was considered to be ‘the greatest philosopher to write in the English language.’

Run time approx. 50 mins
Evening Pass Event