30 April
Family Arts Day | 1-5pm

Ideal for families with babies & children 0 - 10 years.


What better place for you and your 
family to share time together on the holiday 

weekend than an afternoon in the beautiful 
grounds surrounding the magical Duns 


Bring a picnic with you and enjoy in the 
Castle’s garden, before you go off to 
discover micro performances, participation workshops and other artistic events.  


FREE event 

Quines | 7.30pm

This poetry collection written by Gerda Stevenson has received many tributes and excellent reviews. An established director, actor, writer and poet, her talent as an actress brings a quality to her reading that is quite brilliant.

90 mins | Evening Pass Event

A Haggle of Witches | 9.30pm

Written by Kevin Purvis, this is a rehearsed reading.

Two consecutive years of crop failures, religious fever, witchcraft and misogyny. Drop into the mix Alexander Hamilton, accused of murder by witchcraft and self-confessed witch. This is the beginning of Scotland's darkest period, 'The Burning Times'.

50 mins | Evening Pass Event