Where Has Joshua Gone?

Written by Jane Houston Green

Performed by Nick Tomlin and Jane Houston Green

An older couple are abandoned on a remote dirt road in West Africa. As night descends over the surrounding bushland the rebel factions, local bandits and poisonous snakes become less of a threat than the gremlins emerging from their own relationship.


Against a background of noisy cicadas and rhythmic drumming Michael and Harriet must journey through who they are, and what they have been, whilst facing the passions that drive them and the fundamental nature of their marriage. Choosing to be in denial is not an option as it changes nothing but will love be enough in the final revelation?

Jane Houston Green

Jane has a wealth of experience working in theatre throughout the UK and further afield with years spent living in The Gambia and Zimbabwe. She has many professional acting credits and recognition for her roles in numerous productions.


She also writes and directs with her new play Where Has Joshua Gone? being the sequel to the acclaimed Where Has Our Adventure Gone? performed last year.


Since 2016 she has been making experimental films with her work shown at various Festivals. In 2021 she was part of the Moving Image Makers Collective project – Conversations with a Forest and won an award for her film Together made for Cop 26 in Glasgow.


Working in collaboration, together, has been the focus of much of her life.