Why Henry is SO Weird

Why Henry is SO Weird – Tideline Runners

Age 10 years +


This charming family comedy-drama from RJ Flynn tells the story of a lonely young boy and his rather special imaginary friend... an older version of himself from the future! Tideline Runners return with their first new show since 2018’s Hidden In This Room.


Have you ever heard anyone say, “If I knew then what I know now”? Well, this is the life that young Henry Babbitt actually has. His imaginary friend is an older version of himself from the future.


It is 1989 and Henry is a lonely twelve-year old boy: He lives with his mum and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of EVERY Godzilla film. At school he is a magnet for bullies and his life lurches from one anxiety-inducing situation to the next.


That is until he wakes up one morning to find an older version of himself in his room. But no-one else can see him: Is he real? Is he imaginary? One thing’s for certain, he has a lot to say about the way Henry is living his life. But young Henry isn’t the only one who needs help.


The play talks kindly about the importance of looking after your mental health, and the real-life magic that comes from simple kindness. From RJ Flynn, the writer of The Smallest Story, Hidden in this Room and 2018’s hit musical Sam and Isla Forever.


The play is followed by a discussion with the cast


RJ Flynn

“Funny, charming and engaging... Cinematic ambition runs through all of Flynn’s work…and Why Henry is SO Weird! stays true to form...

Tideline Runners

This seasoned theatre group has a reputation for pushing the envelope, for expanding the idea of what community theatre can be if it has courage.”

T Morrison - Berwick Advertiser