Three diverse plays on a theme


Written and directed by Alex Watson (Jim Clark the Musical)

“Flower borders are an integral part of Little Tilling”, hairdresser Elaine is told when she comes to live in the picturesque village with her golf-mad husband, Dennis.

But beneath the perfect exterior of village life, lie borders of many different and darker kinds, as Elaine is to discover.


Run time 20 mins


Rehearsed Reading

Her Mother’s Voice

Written and directed by Linda S Gray

A young woman, alone, distressed, cries out in a quiet street in a Borders village. Marjorie rushes to her aid not knowing how important this strange chance meeting will be for the young woman’s future happiness. If only she could gain the young woman’s trust.

Run time 20 mins


Hold the Line (an allegory) …

Written and directed by Craig Knight (The King’s Pin)

Set in an Edinburgh Newspaper’s Call Centre. Scott, job weary, phlegmatic and resigned to a life wearing headsets, receives a call from Sandrine, a wealthy Belgian customer. Sandrine is curious as to why simple telephone calls need to be monitored. Their conversation leads to off-line sales, James Bond’s fallibilities and Caledonian lessons in salad. Above all it offers a seismic opportunity to break away from the newspaper’s London ownership with continental possibilities.

Run time 18 minutes (audience members will be given a blindfold to wear while listening to the play and its ambient noises. The scenery behind a blindfold is superb)