Written by Peter Lerpiniere.

Gareth and Laura are an ordinary couple. Gareth really tries hard to show Laura he cares but when Laura brutally murders him, without a second thought, is she really that callous? As we observe and gather information about the events that lead to this tragedy, what is revealed? Brutality? Callousness? Was it a tragedy waiting to happen, or just a romance doomed from the start?

Perception changes as we know more but does murder look different when we know all the facts.

Peter Lerpiniere 

Peter has been performing on-stage and off for nearly 50 years and has had a go at most performance genre. Comedy, tragedy, singing, directing, performance poetry, improv theatre – he’s even been a singing telegram! But he doesn’t dance (And anyone who has seen him dance knows why not!).

His past writing has usually been for laughs whether pantomime, short plays or sketches but there’s no doubt this one takes a darker turn.