Tweed Tales

TWEED TALES from Borders Pub Theatre


The plays:


We Go Back A Long Way

by John McEwen:


What do you do when your worst enemy is in trouble and no one can help but you?



by Clare Watson


At the same time, every day, they sit on the wall by the river. What are they waiting for and who are they, anyway?


Flat Tail

by Campbell Hutcheson


A foreigner's arrival upsets a tranquil Borders community.


First Date

by Anita John


Will love blossom when two people meet on a first date in a brand-new restaurant on the Tweed?


Black Gold
by Robert Sproul-Cran


An ancient fish returns to the Tweed - and it’s going to make quite a splash!


Our Place
by Emily Larner


Love can strike at any time and often when we least expect it. Rose and Thistle stumble into a deep love affair by the Tweed and, like the river, it is turbulent and majestic.


Directed by: Fiona Mackinnon


Performed by: Nicola Jo Cully, Emily Larner, Scott Noble